Achievements actually working
January 31, 2020 at 2:09pm
Maybe there could be a page for achievements that showed they icon, how to get them, along with different lists like the games list, for game related achievements, like have an X amount of visits on your game or something.
The shop list, for stuff like have X people buy your clothing item.
The forum list, for stuff like have X amount of forum posts, get X amount of replies.
the special list, this list is for stuff like Have a staff member buy your clothing item, or have a staff member play your game, or be friends with a staff member, be a staff member, have some coin things that I forgot the name of, have some rubies, have a lot of friends, etc.
And last but not least, the ultimate list, this list is for REALLLLYYY hard to get things, like REAAALLLLY hard to get. An achievement is to get every other achievement (other than the one about being a staff member), it actually awards you with something, that being a crown and a special pair of golden glasses.
And that was my wall of text.